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New NHL Rule Changes
With the new NHL rule changes, such as the referees, neutral zone, and crease, how will this affect the game?

The game will be slow and boring
The game won't be much different
The game will be faster, but there will be more goalies getting injured
The game will be faster, with more goals, more hits, and lots more action

Current Results

The Canadian Fantasy Hockey League

The Canadian Fantasy Hockey League (CFHL) was created in September 1998 by Joe MacDonald and Bryon15. The CFHL is a League based on the NHL standings. There will be 3 players on each team (2 skaters, and one goalie). Feel free to browse the site and become part of our mailing list. We will have CFHL news on this and other news from around the NHL. The League will start on Friday, October 9th, the 1st day of regular season action.
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